185 Lincoln Street (Bachelor) #2- Lunenburg, NS


185 Lincoln Street Apt(Bachelor)-2nd Floor
Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0

Recent, renovated cool bachelor apartment


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This bachelor studio apartment is located on the second level of
the Knickle’s Studio building. Beautiful skylight windows make this apartment
wonderfully bright and open. It has hardwood floors and multiple
recessed lights along with some glass blocks in the bathroom area. This
unit was completely updated with all new appliances and an IKEA®

The unit has windows which run from almost the floor up to the roof line and then a huge skylight. This was the original configuration when the structure was built since it was constructed for a photographer called Johnny Knickle. He used these windows before there was electricity to capture as much light as possible for his indoor photo shoots. Even after electricity was run in the Town, Johnny continued taking pictures up here and some even remember having their high school picture taken since the windows allowed huge amounts of natural light to help illuminate the shots.


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About Lunenburg…

Lunenburg, NS, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, National Historic District, winner of the Communities in Bloom most beautiful small town in Canada, Prettiest Painted Places in Canada, Port City of the Year and Society of American Travel Writers’ awards. Picturesque Lunenburg lies nestled along the scenic shores of southern Nova Scotia one hour from Halifax and the international airport. Experience our way of life and work amidst historic architecture, attractions and amenities.

Lunenburg is the best surviving example of a planned British colonial settlement in North America. Established in 1753, it has retained its original layout and overall appearance, based on a rectangular grid pattern drawn up in the home country. The inhabitants have managed to safeguard the city's identity throughout the centuries by preserving the wooden architecture of the houses, some of which date from the 18th century.

Lunenburg is truly a walking town, with everything centrally located and just a short distance from one another. Stroll past the colourful heritage properties (in case you’re wondering, Nova Scotia’s fishing towns often painted their homes bright colours so as to be easily seen from the water), visit the many gift and artisan shops scattered throughout the town or enjoy an ice cream along its boardwalk. If the steep hills seem intimidating, you can take a horse and carriage ride with a driver who will gladly point out all of Lunenburg’s famous sites.

Lunenburg is also a haven for many artists who find inspiration in its surrounding beauty. Throughout the summer, the town hosts art festivals that showcase local artists’ range of media and subjects. July includes the Lunenburg Street Festival and Art Walk and the Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival, while the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival takes place in August, featuring traditional and contemporary folk music from around the province and region.

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